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17 Jun, 2019 | 10:38 AM IST

Adult Education

Assistance to Voluntary Agencies

Proposals from Voluntary Agencies, under this component, will be considered on project to project basis.

Scope of Work

Assistance to Voluntary Agencies will be considered for undertaking projects of basic literacy/under Sakshar Bharat/continuing education and other projects relevant to accomplishment of overall activities of the Scheme and launching of target specific need based and innovative programme such as Equivalency Programmes.

Number of Projects to be Assisted

Number of Projects that may be assisted under this Programme are not pre- determined shall be dependent on the financial resources available with the Ministry.Apllications for grant against this component are invited through advertisement in newspaper and only such application which are submitted in response to such advertisement and within the period specified therein are eligible for consideration.

Pattern of Financial Assistance

The financial assistance shall be provided to VAs on project to project basis. The projects and budget submitted by the VAs will be examined and considered by the Grant-in-Aid Committee(GIAC) and financial assistance provided to the VAs as approved by the GIAC.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Directorate of Adult Education, Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India/ National Literacy Mission will be responsible for Monitoring and Evaluation


All the three programme of the Scheme are open to only such Public charitableTrusts, not –for- profit companies registered under 25C of Companies Act and registered Societies as would meet the eligibility criteria fixed by the Government of India.


Detailed Guidelines, including, mode of application, selection procedure, monitoring & evaluation and comprehensive Terms & Conditions etc are available on