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18 Jan, 2020 | 8:13 PM IST

Allocation of Business Rules

School Education and Literacy

  • Elementary Education.
  • Basic Education.
  • Bal Bhavan, Children's Museum.
  • Social Education and adult education.
  • Audio Visual Education with reference to entries in this list.
  • Books (other than the books with which the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is concerned) and Book Development (excluding stationery paper and news print industries with which the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is concerned) with respect to the items in the list.
  • Educational Research with respect to items in the list.
  • Publications, information and statistics with reference to the items in the list.
  • Teachers training with reference to the items in the list.
  • National Council for Teacher Education.
  • Charities and Charitable Institutions, Charities and Religious Endowments pertaining to subjects dealt within this Department.
  • Secondary Education and Vocational Guidance.
  • National Council for Educational Research and Training.