• Technical Education
  • International Cooperation & TEL
  • Higher Education
  • ICR
  • Administration & Distance Learning
  • Scholarship
  • Economic Advisor
  • Statistics
  • Finance

Technical Education
S.No. Task Details
1 Quality of Technical Education Implementation of AICTE Mandate
2 Research Promotion IMPRINT-II/UAY/
Promotion of PMRF
3 Architect Education Expansion For 2 + 18 SPAs
4 Construction Projects monitoring For IITs, NITs, IIITs, SPAs
5 Faculty Recruitment For NITs (Also monitoring recruitment of IIITs, SPAs, IITs)

International Cooperation & Coordination
S.No. Task Details
1 International Cooperation Target 30 countries - MoU on Research Collaboration plans, Mutual Recognition of qualifications
2 SWAYAM To have 1 crore learners
3 Study In India Campaign to increase foreign students 3 times
4 NMEICT To streamline the implementation of all projects SP , NDL , eYantra, fosee, Virtual Labs Operation Digital Board
5 Teacher Training Under PMMMNMTT,
Annual Orientation for all 15 lac teachers using SWAYAM
Academic Leadership training to all faculty in governance role

Higher Education
S.No. Task Details
1 Implementation of the liberalised Regulations (A) Developing implementation strategies- notification, call for proposals to applications, announcement and declaration of eligible entries
(B) Formulate draft, consultation approvals, Legislative process for HERC
2 Towards Universal accreditation - Mentorship and NAAC progress Setting up of multiple accreditation agencies, developing framework for accreditation through mentorship of high quality institutions
3 Evolving, communicating, implementing and monitoring minimum levels of learning for all courses in all HEIs in the Country Developing implementation strategies by identifying domain areas, expertise and development of curriculum
4 RUSA - focus on assuring minimum quality in all institutions Development of Programatic norms for component approved in RUSA 2.0 and its effective implementation and monitoring
5 CUs - approvals, standards, construction of campuses Develop framework for performance based funding and monitoring and evaluation of physical and financial progress of recent and ongoing projects

S.No. Task Details
1 Institutions of Eminence (IoEs) Setting up / upgrading of 20 (10 Public & 10 Private ) Institutions as world class teaching & research Institutions called as IoEs.
2 Research in Social Sciences Development of a Scheme for improving Research in Social Sciences especially in contemporary areas which will help the Govt. in Formulation / evaluation of Policies relating to present social issues and to improve funding for such Research.
3 Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) Establishment and construction of permanent campus of seven new IIMs,
Completion of construction of permanent campus of six 2nd generation IIMs
Implementation of provisions under IIM Act, 2017
4 National Translation Mission

Administration & Distance Learning
S.No. Task Details
1 Online Regulation Discussion and communication at online regulation
2 ODL for standalone institute Draft regulation by AICTE
3 Clearance of backlog of appointment on compassionate basis Identification of backlog
4 Inclusion of internship in NATS Drafting of new format

S.No. Task Details
1 Special Scholarship Scheme for J&K (i) Online Registration & allotment of seats for academic year 2018-19 and Monitoring Joining
(ii) Release of fresh and renewal scholarship.
(iii) To document success stories and achievements of the scheme, a meeting to be organised for the alumni’s of the scheme
2 Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University students (i) Creating awareness about the National Scholarship Portal and ensuring better participation of the students through the Portal
(ii) Seeding of Aadhaar with the beneficiary’s data in cases where Aadhaar number is provided.
(iii) Release of fresh and renewal scholarship.
3 External Scholarship (i) Use of Technology in place of interview, for Selection/Nomination of students for the Commonwealth Scholarship
(ii) Nominating students for scholarship offered by different donor countries.
(iii) Creating awareness about the External Scholarship amongst the students.
4 Book Promotion (i) Revisiting and launch of Version 2 of ISBN portal
(ii) Uploading of Manual.
(iii) Uploading of Legacy ISBN Data.
(iv) Uploading of Bibliographic data as per international standards
(v) Organising of New Delhi World Book Fair.
5 Central Sector Interest subsidy (i) Cabinet Note approval for continuation and modification
(ii) Creating Awareness about the scheme amongst the beneficiaries
(iii) Review Meeting with the participating Public Sector Banks

Economic Advisor
S.No. Task Details
1 High Order Skills for HE Students(HOSHE) Embedding Skills into College & University Education system apprenticeship & with placement in coordination with Ministry of SD&E
2 RISE Cabinet Approval for HEFA expansion, securing projects, sanction & implementation
3 EBSB Major enlarging of scope & range of activities between paired States and Central Ministries, educational institutions etc with greater involvement of Corporate sector, mega publicity for the events
4 IISERS Institution facilitation by quick decisions on all matters where MHRD has a role, extra budgetary funding avenues, Creation of specialised centres linked to Incubation, industry sponsorship of projects

S.No. Task Details
1 Monitoring of Global Ranks of Institutions QS/ THE/ Shanghai
2 NIRF and Indian Rankings System for monitoring & improving
3 AISHE Improving accuracy of data
4 AISHE Student Portal for having full details
5 Innovation Cell SIH, Global Innovation Index

S.No. Task Details
1 Examination & Concurrence on the SFC/EFC Average Time to give the Financial Advice. Present Average Time is around 10 Days which we intend to improve further reduced to 7 days by March-2019.
2 Supervision & Monitoring of the Audit Paras In 50% cases, 1st ATN must be filed within 3 Months. Final ATN to Lok Sabha Secretariat in 120 days.
3 Examination & Concurrence on the SFC/EFC Whatever SFC/EFC proposals are submitted in IFD it shall be examined within 7 working days.
4 Attending the Meetings of FC/BoG It will be ensured that IFD is represented in 100% of the meetings either in person, or through video conference or by sending comments on the agenda.